LA Based Private Web Hosting

About Our Company

Our Company Ethos

When HostAxa was established in 2009, we didn't do it as just a side project. It's our continuous inspiration to improve. Each day, it's about continuing to build a company that is stronger than it was the day before.

We have a team of talented individuals who are motivated to help customers. They wake up every morning ready to tackle new problems, learn new things, and have fun along the way. For us, it's about the true, visceral passion that each and every member of our team feels toward our customers. It's that special connection that continues to keep customers coming back to us.

What We Do Differently

For starters, we're not another low budget brand. We are proud to say that we're the real deal. For instance, we're a true 24x7 support team. Test us out and see. Open a sales ticket at 2 AM.

We're a good host for people who take their websites seriously, want seriously fast servers, and seriously good support. Although we charge reasonable prices, we're not a low-end company, and we don't aim to be one.

Continued Improvement

HostAxa is a results-based company. Page load times, ticket response times, and server uptimes, are just an example of the results that we are continuously seeking. Because of our result-oriented approach, we're able to see when we're on track to achieve our goals. In other words, stats don't lie.